Mathilde Gomas


A subjective collection of gems: breathtaking performances, surprising ideas, inspiring quotes &
brilliant colleagues that might catch your attention aswell.

Invitation, by Andert Tysma
Made by Mirthe Mosterman nsc

Liam Byrne plays 5 examples of Lyra Viol repertoire

Giovanna Baviera sings "Doulce Memoire"

Luciana Elizondo & Quito Gato play a transcription of 'Manhã de Carnaval' (Luiz Bonfá)

Jeanne Moreau sings 'Le tourbillon de la vie' (Jules et Jim, 1962)

Barbara sings ‘Je ne sais pas dire’

Black Sea Dahu sings 'In case I fall for you'

Fred Astaire sings Dancing cheek to cheek

Mariana Flores & Quito Gato perform 'Alfonsina y el mar' (Ariel Ramirez)

Another version of 'Alfonsina y el mar' (Ariel Ramirez/Jorge Cardoso)

Project uNopia

Alicia Edelweiss sings 'I once was young'

Marina Rollman promotes the Opera House of Geneva

Jeff Buckley sings 'Grace' (BBC Late Show)