Mathilde Gomas

Created in the 1650s, the Carte de Tendre (Map of Tenderness) is a true topographical map: a scale, cities, rivers – everything is there, only the names of places have been replaced by feelings and stages of the love journey.

In the land of Tendre, it is better to stay away from the Lake of Indifference or the village of Medisance if you want to find the way to the charming town of Tendresse-sur-Estime!
Thanks to some of the most beautiful pages
of the Baroque, this program playfully sets to music the different itineraries of one curious guide.

Works by Dowland, Sainte-Colombe, Abel, Simpson, Marais, Hume & Vitali.

Image: Carte de Tendre,
attributed to François Chauveau.
In "Clélie: Histoire romaine",
Madeleine de Scudéry.